Lil Wayne Tattoos

How many tattoos does Lil Wayne have?

It is claimed that there are Over 100 lil wayne tattoos accross his hands,face,chest,and legs. View pictures of them including glow in the dark face tattoo, head, ears, chest, back, arms, hands, and fingers. At the bottom you will also find videos of Tunechi explaining his tattoos including the one he gave Tyga.

Many judge Lil Wayne and the meanings behind his tattoos, yet it doesn’t stop him form getting more ink that represents his life and meanings. Very often tattoos are personal and reflect situations that the person has gone through. Eventhough controversial Lil Wayne never stops being himself and lettings his tattoos define him.

Head And Face

 lil wayne head tattoos

  • Cracks on his head , eyebrows,chin area, and  different parts of his body

Lil Wayne tattoo eyelids

  •  “Fear God” on his eyelids
  •  A Cross and The Saints symbol in the middle
  •  Teardrops colored in red under his eyes and lil wayne grill

Lil Wane i am music

  • “I AM MUSIC” above his right eye

  • “Misunderstood” by his hairline
  • A couple of stars with some of them being glow in the dark
  • Tribal Symbol under his left eye
  • “Tune” For Lil Tunechi. A nickname his grandmother gave him
    (Young Tunechileoncios)

lil wayne lip tattoo

  • Smiley Face Under Lip

Lil Wayne Lucky Me Tattoo

  • ‘Lucky Me’under the left ear with a flower.


  • Power on buttion
  • Flames

Lil Wayne Star Tattoo

  • Glow in the dark stars tattoo



  • “W Weezy” on the right side
  • A pistol
  • “Young Money” logo
  • “You Blessed” In the middle of his neck
  • The word ‘Blessed’ is one of his neck tattoos that has since been covered with the word ‘You’.

Lil Wayne Chest and Arms

lil wayne smoking

  • Human Skull
  • “Bang Bang” in the middle of his chest
  • Cash Money across the belly
  • “MOB” “Damu” “Piru” all related to the Bloods gang
  • BABY, SLIM, and “BM JR” as a tribute to Baby and Slim.
  • Rolls Royce logo with “Thug” going across it
  • A Bud Leaf
  • An alien looking figure on his left arm
  • The Number “17” On his belly which stands for the 17th ward
    of New Orleans which is where wayne grew up
  • Also has angel wings on his sides
  • “Lauren” for His baby mother Lauren London

lil wayne performing

  • A block of cheese for the St.louis rams
  • Multiple stars and money signs

  • Angel wings on his back
  • A demon getting stabbed

Lil Wayne Espn Tattoo

  • ESPN Tattoo

Lil Wayne Hands

gun tattoo

  • “A Gun”

  • “The World”

  • “Concrete”
  • “Steel”
  • “Hot Boy”
  • “Trigger” written on finger

Lil Wayne Back

lil wayne back tattoos

  • A Poem right across from his bullet hole when he shot himself
    when he was 13
  • Chinese symbol around the bullet wound
  • Louisiana State Outline

Lil Wayne Tattoo Videos